Put your equipment rental business on the fast track with Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Solution Systems, a system tailored to handle the unique requirements of your business and give you a competitive edge. 


Whether anwsering a customer's question, completing a rental order or sale, checking the availability of an asset or scheduling maintenance, Microsfot Dynamics NAV saves you time by simplifying the process. Microsoft Dynamics NAV brings all the disconnected areas of your business together and consolidates them on one common platform.  Investing in a single system eliminates multiple points of data entry as information is shared across one database. 


You can finally access the information your company needs in a real-time environment. A rental management system powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV will improve invoice accuracy and reduce time to bill. With a more efficient invoicing system, you will receive payments faster and benefit from improved cash flow. No more switching between systems. Enter rental orders, invoice customers, pay bills, process payroll, run operational reports, and organize contacts, all from one system. An integrated solution improves your workflow processes to enable you to rent more, bill faster, and earn more.

Make your rental business hum through the Equipment Management, Rental Management and Service and Maintenance Management Modules.

Equipment Management

The object module is the core of the EQM Rental Management Software. All revenue and cost entries linked to the unique units is linked to each unit owned by the company throughout their lifespan. Workers involved in equipment maintenance can enter the type and cost of each service task. The object module is fully integrated with the rental module, so data entered with the object module can be retrieved using the rental module.

The object module is also integrated with the standard purchase, inventory, service, fixed assets and sales modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. All costs and income generated by these modules will be displayed in forms and reports on the individual object, object types and object groups.

Through EQM Rental Management Software, a company that rents lifts, for instance, will be able to measure the profitability of a unique lift, a certain type of lift, or groups of lifts.

Some important features:

  • Different “Ownership Statuses”

  • Objects can be linked to Fixed Assets

  • Reporting capabilities at three levels (objects, types and groups)

  • “Make and model” categorization

  • Technical Specifications

  • Linked Documents (manuals, certifications, etc.)

  • Multiple Locations

  • Accessories and additions (both rentals and sales)

  • Full Rental History for all units

  • Full Service- and Maintenance History for all units

  • Financial statistics/analysis with full “drill-down” capabilities


Rental Management

The rental module is used by the front office staff that works with customers. This NAV application program serves to check availability establish quotes and contracts for the rental of equipment, scaffolding, bulk items and labor. Additional charges pertaining to the establishment and the termination of the rental contract may be attached to the type of object. The availability calendar provides the user with the total overview of and access to the rental inventory: which objects are rented to whom, which objects are available from which locations, etc. The users themselves may set the criteria for reports and statistics.

Some important features:

  • Rental of unique units and bulk items (e.g. scaffolding, formworks, tents)

  • Short and long term rentals (hours, days, weekends, weeks, months, year)

  • Handles price agreements with stair pricing, discount agreements, insurance, transportation, sales, start- and return charges

  • Re-rent management

  • Availability calendars at object type and object level, showing what is rented to whom, what is reserved to whom and what is available at the different locations

  • Capability of creating rental quotes and contracts from the availability calendars

  • On-Rent date different from shipment date and Off-Rent Date different from Return Date

  • Accessories consumption (e.g. Diamond blade)

  • Multiple Locations

  • Returns and partial returns registered at a different location than the delivery location

  • Advanced Utilization reporting

  • Sales from Rental Contracts (objects, items and services)

  • Full rental history for all objects

  • Statistics per Rental Contract (financial analysis at Rental Contract level)


Service- and Maintenance Management

Get on top of the planned controls, certifications, services and general repairs of the equipment in your company, in addition to a full overview of all history of the equipment. You can order services through purchase orders, you can do internal services or you can charge the services to the customers. The planned services can also be displayed in the availability calendars, and make the services part of planning what equipment should be rented out.

Some important features:

  • Planned service and maintenance based on:

    • Counters (two possible counters)

    • Date

    • Combinations of counters or counter and date

  • Planned Service/maintenance notifications

  • Internal and external service charges

  • Ordering services through purchase orders

  • Functional Tests

  • Overview of time of service/service duration


Three Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the Equipment Rental Industry


  1. Competing rental solutions are not always capable of handling every aspect of a rental organization and rely on importing and exporting data to other systems. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a complete Enterprise Resource Managemement (ERP) and equipment rental solution with a single database to keep operations simple. 

  2. The familiar Microsoft environment allows for rapid user adoption as usuers will find it similar to other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Excel or Outlook. Rapid adoption reduces training and support requirements. Users will also be able to tailor their user experience with customizable dashboards.

  3. Secure investment in Microsoft technology ensures your systems will be able to keep pace as technology changes. Microsoft invests tens of millions every year into research and development--more than some competing rental software companies can hope to earn. 


Transform your business challenges into rental business solutions with Solution Systems' rental management software. Contact us to learn more and schedule a free demo now.